A Clean Business Is a Better Business

Discover the best water filtration systems and air purifiers in the Tempe, AZ area

Clean Up Your Indoor Air

Look into water and air purification systems in and around Tempe, AZ

Your family's health is your priority. If you want to prevent health issues like allergies, you may want to invest in better surface, water and air cleaning products. Aerus of Tempe, AZ is a respected family-owned and -operated company. Whether you're here for water treatments, surface cleaning or air purification systems, we have the solutions for your home or business. Our products use the highest quality technology to provide outstanding results.

Improve your health by reducing your toxin exposure

Two major sources of everyday toxin exposure are your indoor air and tap water. That's why water filters, vacuums and air purification systems are so important. Luckily, we sell and install products that:

  • Reduce dust, dirt, pollen and mold from your indoor air
  • Helps eliminate many of the minerals in your tap water
  • Improve the taste, smell and quality of your water
  • Make doing laundry eco-friendlier and more efficient
  • Allow you to clean your floors more thoroughly

Not sure which products are right for you? Ask one of our team members for advice now. You can call us at 480-378-8177.

A company built on health solutions

Originally known as the creators of the best vacuums around, Aerus - known then as Electrolux - now creates and installs healthy home and business products that stand out form the rest. Home and business owners alike turn to us because we use highly rated ActivePure® Technology. Plus, we provide efficient installations and are available when you need us.

Make an appointment with our team based in Tempe, AZ today to find the best air filters and water purifiers for your space. You'll always work directly with one of our family members.